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Let's talk about how to work without harming your body, because it can be difficult to sit for several hours in one position, and even more so for a couple of days

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Effective promotion strategy: 7 steps of success
Many entrepreneurs create a site and expect an influx of customers in the first weeks of placing a resource on the vast network. However, website promotion is the painstaking work of many specialists.
Date of publication: 29/03/2019
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Targeted advertising in social networks - a modern highly-efficient channel
How not to lose money with the budget? What types of advertisements and targeting? In the article you will learn how to squeeze the maximum out of targeted advertising
Date of publication: 12/03/2019
Reading time: 2
5 rules to help improve Google AdWords advertising campaign
Today we want to share with you the rules and secret chips for setting up this type of advertising
Date of publication: 07/03/2019
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7 advertising cliché, the replacement of which attracts more customers
Today we will analyze the most common phrases - clichés that are used in marketing to attract a client, but repel him without causing trust.
Date of publication: 05/03/2019
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Rules of “hunting” for the target audience, or how to get the maximum.
Where to find your customer? Methods that will help in the "field" conditions to determine it and get the result.
Date of publication: 01/03/2019
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5 useless ways to promote your business
There is no universal model of work for everyone, but there is no universal model of work for everyone, but there are other tools that have already departed to the world, which are unlikely to ever return to the list of effective ones. We bring to your at
Date of publication: 26/02/2019

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