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Let's talk about how to work without harming your body, because it can be difficult to sit for several hours in one position, and even more so for a couple of days

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Is email marketing alive in 2018?
Is email marketing effective in 2018? Analysis of the effectiveness of this marketing tool in business from CitySites
Date of publication: 23/01/2018
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5 main channels of communication in the B2B market that you need to know about
How to communicate with your b2b clients most effectively and where to do it? Consider the 5 best ways to communicate on the b2b market
Date of publication: 16/01/2018
Reading time: 1
YouTube channel for business: why is it needed and where to start?
Thinking about promoting your business on YouTube? We talk about where to start to create a successful YouTube channel and sell more
Date of publication: 12/01/2018
Reading time: 2
TOP 5 services for postponed posting on social networks
The most useful services for creating automatic publications on social networks
Date of publication: 15/12/2017
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Instagram of the day: Lviv city website
Category Instagram of the day: the best photos from our sites
Date of publication: 12/12/2017
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Effective sales culture: how to build a successful company
Why is it important to create a strong sales culture in the company? How does customer focus influence brand success?
Date of publication: 05/12/2017

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