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Those who write for websites or blogs every day must face the problem: "what to write when there is nothing to write about." In the article we will talk about what to write when there are no ideas at all

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Franchising - An Alternative To Employment
Franchise catalogs help you choose the right franchise to start a new business. The article contains recommendations that should be followed when choosing a franchise.
Date of publication: 28/11/2018
Reading time: 2
Visible Advertising
Pay attention to how you make a purchasing decision and break down this process into its components. Details in the article
Date of publication: 27/11/2018
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Black Friday at CitySites -30
We have prepared such a “tasty” Business action for Black Friday, which you simply cannot miss in your right mind!
Date of publication: 19/11/2018
Reading time: 1
Secrets of turning a client into a brand advocate
The OBS method is the most effective for brand promotion, but at the same time cheap in monetary terms
Date of publication: 24/10/2018
Reading time: 2
The pros and cons of using emoji in email newsletters and advertising
Many companies strive to speak the same language with their customers. This led to the idea of ​​becoming “easier” in communication and using emoji along with text calls.
Date of publication: 18/10/2018
Reading time: 2
Do good, not advertising
Advertising in the usual sense, "drives" the product to customers, not figuring out whether they need it or not. We have prepared tips on how to do good, not advertising :)
Date of publication: 05/10/2018

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